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What our customers say about Microjet Wound Therapy

Center for Respiration and Intensive Care GmbH, Berlin

"We have also been able to achieve very good results with Microjet Wound Therapy (MWT). We have seen this time and again in a number of case reports. This technology is painless, efficient and economical. It underlines the well-known statement: "Only clean wounds can heal." The only thing that would be desirable now would be reimbursement by statutory health insurance, as the use of MWT significantly shortens the healing time."

Picture of Mr. Sebastian Kruschwitz, Wound Care Therapist ICW

Mr. Sebastian Kruschwitz, Wound Care Therapist ICW

Rehabilitation clinic Bad Zurzach

"In my experience, I can say that the wounds heal much faster than with other debridement methods. The high level of patient satisfaction and acceptance also speaks in favor of this. I often receive positive feedback from my patients, as they not only feel significantly less pain, but can also observe clear progress in wound healing."

Picture of Mrs. Petra Behne, certified wound expert

Ms. Petra Behne, certified wound expert

Cantonal Hospital Obwalden, Sarnen

"In our experience, debridement with the debritom⁺ is one of the most efficient methods for cleaning wounds. It helps to significantly reduce the sensation of pain during treatment."

Picture of Mrs. Irma Britschgi, Head of the Wound Outpatient Clinic

Ms. Irma Britschgi, Head of the Wound Outpatient Clinic

Lachen Hospital, Oberdorfstrasse 41, 8853 Lachen

"Treatment with debritom⁺ is a clean affair - the water jet reaches the most nooks and crannies of the wound, where I would otherwise never be able to debride.
Initially we still preheated the irrigation solution - today our patients find treatment with the water jet at room temperature very pleasant and cooling.
I like to compare the debritom⁺ with the Kärcher - with both you can see the result of the cleaning immediately."

Picture of Mrs. Karin Koblet, wound expert

Ms. Karin Koblet, wound expert

Schwyz Hospital, Waldeggstrasse, 6430 Schwyz

"Waterjet debridement enables us to clean stubborn wounds in a timely, repeatable, easy-to-use and cost-effective manner, thereby optimally conditioning the wound bed for further therapies."

Picture of Dr. med. Werner Herzig, Head of Vascular Surgery

Dr. med. Werner Herzig, Head of Vascular Surgery

Medical lymph drainage and wound therapy practice, Mühlenkamp 18, DE - 22303 Hamburg

"As an independent practice owner, I want to provide my patients with all the latest wound treatment technologies and therapies. And wound cleansing with debritom⁺ is exemplary. The spot and flat jet and Aeroguard tent are ideal for use everywhere. I would like to praise the medaxis team for the excellent introduction of the device in our practice. Many thanks for the great device."

Picture of Mr. Hauke Cornelsen

Mr. Hauke Cornelsen

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