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Micro waterjet technology for gentle debridement

by in publications February 27, 2018

Application for a Category IV pressure ulcer ~ Sebastian Kruschwitz Chronic wounds cause a high level of suffering and severely restrict the quality of life of the affected patients. Treatment is often difficult. An important problem is often the presence of bacterial colonization in the form of biofilms on the wounds. This is because bacteria embedded in a biofilm have a [...]

Clinical study: microwater jet vs. curette

by in Clinical Studies February 27, 2018

Our randomized multicenter trial with David G. Armstrong,DPM, MD, PhD1,Marissa J. Carter, PhD, MA, Charles M. Zelen,DPM, FACFAS,FACFAOM has reached the halfway point! We look forward to seeing the final results. Conclusion: The Micro Water Jet device was able to close statistically significantly more refractory DFUs over 16 weeks, with a significant difference in wound area reduction should also be noted. These [...]