Case studies

Case report basal cell carcinoma

Sebastian Kruschwitz, Wound Expert / Wound Care Therapist ICW at the Center for Respiration and Intensive Care GmbH, Berlin

Effectiveness of micro-waterjet debridement of acute and chronic wounds in a practice setting

Charles K. Lee MD FACS, Tina Lin RN, Nakyung Kim MD, Gina Restani ORT

Speed of Healing following Debridement of a Charcot Foot wound using the Medaxis debritom+ micro water jet technology

Florence Summers DPM, Audra R. Siegel DPM, Christopher K. Bromley DPM

The use of a novel micro water jet technology for limb salvage in lower extremity gangrene

Anna Sanchez DPM, Susan Brantley-Smith RN WCC, Joseph Coles EMT