microjet wound therapy

for optimum wound bed preparation and accelerated healing!

The medaxis microjet has been shown in several of our clinical studies to be a proven and effective therapy that contributes to ideal wound bed preparation and accelerated healing. Most wound treatment therapies are limited to a single mode of action. The medaxis microjet not only cleans acute and chronic wounds, but provides multiple clinical benefits while promoting healing.

+ removes harmful biofilm and reduces the bacterial load

Biofilm can be a major obstacle to wound healing. Its removal by the Microjet leads to a reduction in the bacterial load.

+ Microbleeding and stimulation

The high-energy impact of the microjet provokes micro-bleeding and stimulates the body's physiological wound healing process by increasing blood circulation and cell activity.

+ angiogenesis

The increased cell activity promotes the growth of new blood vessels and provides additional oxygen from the inside.

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Technical data



Volume flow


Jet blast pressure




Jet blast pressure

The jet impact pressure is the abrasive effect generated by the debritom+ waterjet. It is the force per area that hits the wound. The jet impact force depends on the selected intensity level on the debritom+ as well as the distance and angle of the handpiece to the wound surface.